Covering the Earth with Uplifting Stuff

There is a spark of light wanting to turn into a fire. There is a seed of love begging to be released. There is a ton of feelings merging into the brotherhood the planet was meant to be. There is no need for many lectures, there is no need for so much learning. The real need is that which philosophers, mystics, searchers…etc have come to realize after a while. The fact that observing life is the way.

Awareness, awareness, awareness, Anthony de Mello. Red Hawk called the tool with which human beings come to earth. Eckhart Tolle shows it in his lectures…the silence between the words…the now. It is universally available to everyone cost nothing and brings heavenly peace. Using this tool heals, empowers, guides, teaches…helps.You are Creator, Choose Right

I am not pretending to teach you anything, I can only motivate, inspire, and help you to remember your greatness. What is already in. I am inviting you to relax while reading my soul. Each one of my poems has a message that has come into my life somehow and on its own time. I don’t apologize if you don’t like them, I only know I do my best and I am happy observing and interpreting life my way in every segment of it. I feel free to change my ideas at any second, but priorities are strong pro humanity’s wellbeing.

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