Claiming Authority

What would it be for you and for me and for everyone to live without all learned trash assimilated through the years? I mean you and I when acting without all learned baggage or garbage but acting directly from own experience. What would it be to live on ideas that help us understand unity and the pleasure of performing good deeds? What if we allow the revelation of the power within? What if we give a chance to feeling the peace inside, the one that is in the world already?. What if we just pay attention and honor the Word?  As the Principle working behind everything.  As the Principle working behind Love, Truth, and Life? The Principle is there, there is no doubt. It is what activates, what moves us to action, the only requirement is to have the love which provides stamina to accomplish whatever goal we set. It is like solving a math problem, nothing would happen if we just sit and pray for it to be solved. No, it won’t be solved if we don’t try. If we don’t act.  It has been proved million of times that in extreme circumstances, or desires, like that one who lifted a car to save his child. Individuals, people like you and me, are “forced” to perform extreme actions, out of love.

What if we understood that what matters is the attitude to face life…Children explore life and mostly in happiness; why is the world still fascinating for a child even if he bumps his head or burns his finger?Why rich and poor can either, be happy or miserable? Why do we see those who under similar circumstances, took extreme care when sick and last less than those who have no thought on their health?

It is imperative to differentiate reality from illusion. Mystical and paranormal phenomena: Hypnotizers or illusionist have been able to use our senses and make us perceive, see or feel, what they planned. Advertisements compel us to buy things, we don’t need. Can an add cause dispair…anger…envy…? They certainly motivate or move us to buy stuff we don’t need. Think about the possibilities of not watching those adds, or being aware of what can cause in your system.

Lately, there have been more and more healings using only thought. Mary Baker Eddy’s success in curing those who were not given hope by allopathic medicine. She practiced following Jesus teachings on loving people and rebuking sickness and sin. It has been said that stress causes a great number of sickness and that more people nowadays die in hospitals because of carelessness. It seems that sickness is being promoted with so many and all kind of adds.

The Principle, universal intelligent loving force, probably the one that Jesus was referring to when he said “I can’t do nothing on my own” is acting there, for everyone. And can you imagine one for each one? I don’t think so. Is it in/or the unified field John Hagelin and others have talked about?  There is only one! And belongs in our identity! Is there an “American tree”? No…man says so but it is not true.  There is no such an American tree. Get to the facts, there are too many misunderstandings. Everyone has a personal interpretation of facts to prove one right. We must understand that to have an explanation for everything, causes chaos, fights, wars and all kind of trouble.

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