Awareness…The Power of Now…Feeling God in, and Around

Where is the happiness[1460][2305843009214430288]What is the truth when everyone interprets reality in his way? Life in every aspect of creation has been adapted or conditioned according to the specific culture. It is the thoughts, reasoning, or imaginations about whatever issue on the table of whoever is interpreting the facts. Is it possible to live free from the ancestor’s ideas, influences, and judgments? Is it getting rid of that kind of illusions what some say that sets us free? wake up

When I read Richard Rohr’s concept of the word persona as an invisible presence, the idea of how, or if had I masked God’s character, as an alter ego, jumped into my imagination. Easier was to understand that as the sound waves, penetrates…“sonare” in all space. Someone should give more thought to “He who hears you hears me, and he who rejects you rejects me, and he who rejects me rejects him who sent me?” Or, as in Luke 10:16? “We live and move and have our being in God?” another quote showing God’s Presence consistently, as it is said to be omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient… to be the cause and effect of everything.

Accepting the fact that we belong in God is to take life for what it is…life to live it with joy. And for this, I mean living to be nourished with all goodness that was created from the very beginning when they decided to “become flesh” and uttered …” Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness…”. Consciously become part of God’s family, of God’s intention and design.

The need for a kind of order has participated in taken humanity away from reality when trying to box every concept into categories that do not picture reality as it is but an individual possible misrepresentation. Can we see just what it is without trying to set it into one label apart from the thing itself? Can we see and focus on reality without the intervention of preconceptions, prejudices, ideas, or preferences? Can we allow life flow through us just for the pleasure of living? Allow all goodness to pollute our surroundings, enjoying the spring, not the photo of the trees and creeks. In God

Awareness, awareness, awareness in Anthony de Mello‘s words, or living the now as Eckart Tolle put it, practicing the Presence…experiencing life feeling God in and around, the great secret to adjustment when the Spirit is present acting out from harmony, love, excitement, all spiritual things that were created from the beginning…all good as life itself. And all good for all God’s children, like a good father who does not show favoritism in dealing with people, as Peter said in Acts 10:34 when the Jews invited him to preach.


Better be Silent

Better be Silent (3)

Let us notice the importance and power of words since they uplift and they can hurt. They are the ones that have brainwashed so many brains and other times it is from rushing or laziness to analyze or to think. But only one, only one word can make you smile. Let us use them constructively encouraging and uplifting other souls helping one at a time surely that will attain the ripple effect.

Peace at hand, Psalm 23

The Lord is my Shepherd

For that, I don’t lack

Guidance and comfort

The Peace and the calm

And from this, our world

Will conquer all fear

For His one great love

Will covered the earth!

Awakening time…

Yahshua is my shepherd, I do not lack. In pastures of tender grass, He makes me lie down, by quiet waters He leads me to the light. He soothes my fears and makes me whole again. He refreshes my soul and leads me in paths of righteousness, for His name’s sake, He cares for me, for all my needs. I fear no evil, for He is with me, His protection and guidance give me comfort and strength when difficult times of darkness come.

Today in Paradise

Where is the happiness[1460][2305843009214430288]

A great beginning for a great day is thanking the creation, nature or God, somehow thanking Life, whatever or whoever you believe deserves gratitude for your existence. Recognizing supernatural wisdom, intelligence, and power or dominion in the unique creation you are, as well as in any neighbor. Acknowledge like Jesus did, that by our own means, without life, without God, we can do nothing. We need the breath of Life and are grateful for the harmony reigning over us already. Recognize that we live and move and have our being in God. Acts 17:28

When we are pleased with our creation, we surely not destroy it. I don’t have control over my creation, my books, because I can’t force you to like it or at least respect it. What I created I finished, it was somewhere in the universe and took shape through this individual outlet. What is other’s reaction towards my creation?  Only an imagination, a different from the original idea. Ideas in their minds, may or may not agree with the Mind, where goodness was what was created and is what exists. Same with God’s creation, He does not destroy his creation. Can we destroy beauty? No, no way, we may be able to destroy what human-made but not the spiritual aspect of the masterpiece. If my Mind knows only good and goodness that is all that I live with, only one power…harmony and best wishes for all around. And if I keep on giving no space for evil, it won’t have a way to exist or it would expire leaving no trace.I can of myself do nothing

“Everything God made was very good”, Genesis. The given rights established when creation are issues like health, wellbeing, love, and life. Nothing of matter nor muscles and bones. There would be nothing of disease, pain nor scarcity but everything to do with benevolence and virtuosity, with Spirit and fulfillment of desires. Why not instead of worry for food or clothes, we go ahead and feel the freedom of the birds. Why not reflect the Creator as a ray of light we are, Matthew 5:14, knowing that wisdom, purity, health, holiness and all goodness go with you everywhere, every time. Our job is to demonstrate the unbreakable oneness with the source of all creation, be sure it is unbreakable!. It is to accept infinite goodness by allowing it to reign in our kingdom. The condition to live such kindness, to reign in the kingdom that Jesus confirmed is within, is to acknowledge and live in the mental realm where harmony and love abound.

Anthony de Mello
All is well but the human mind does not see that and tries to fix it

What if we were sure that there is only one Mind? What if we were sure that goodness is what was created and so, exists? That evil is a human creation and we can accept it and make it real or deny it as it has never existed and let it disappear. What if we truly knew that we cannot be mesmerized by idealistic attempts to make us miserable nor intensely happy, it goes both ways to be fair. The dominion was given from the beginning and we have it…use it! To bring more peace into life. Should we allow ourselves to be lulled by illusory ups and downs? Or apply the dominion and control the reactions or answers to all perception.?

Reclaim your Rights
Reclaim your Likeness of Greatness