Anthony de Mello

Anthony de Mello, the free thinker who taught many how to live without remorse; not happy nor sad but in reality of facts and own actions. Just from living a life of service in the deep sense of the word. He taught how people take things personally and even fight for ideas that are nothing than that…ideas that someone made up in his mind and pretend to promote.  Have you noticed when someone praises you?…or… when someone unfollow you on tweeter? There is no need to change mood because nothing meaningful has really changed, unless you allow it. Living life every second at a time we realize what is truth and what stories we make up in our minds asking for sympathy or compassion. Beliefs

“Look at your reactions. Look, don’t judge, don’t condemn, don’t approve; be an impartial observer. Look!.. Just look. The machinery will disappear, life will begin to enter in, and you will notice the difference”

“Observe your reactions to each thing that happens during the day; observe your convictions. Raise questions! Are you open to questioning your convictions? If you’re not, you’re prejudiced and mechanical”

“Look at your thoughts, and you will see how often they are in the past or in the future. Seeing how little you live in the present, how little alive you are, is a shock.”

“Arguments are wonderful, and so are ideas. But ideas aren’t life! They are excellent for guiding us in life. But they aren’t life. Abstraction isn’t life. Life is found in experience. It is like reading a wonderful menu. You can guide your lives by reading the menu, but the menu isn’t the meal. And if you spend all your time with the menu, you’re never going to eat anything. Sometimes it’s even worse. Here are people who are eating the menu. They are living off ideas, letting life slip away” “What are to do to overcome this? Krishnamurti warns us, “The day we teach a child the name of a bird, the child stops seeing the bird” The child looks at that sprightly thing, full of mystery and surprise, and we each it: it is a sparrow. The child now has an idea: sparrow. And later, whenever it sees a sparrow, it’s going to say “Well, you know, it’s a sparrow…” The same thing applies to the idea, let us suppose, of an American. Every time I see an American citizen go by I say “American” And I miss out on the unique being that this individual is. Have you experienced seeing a child in wonder looking at this mysterious trembling vibrant thing that we call sparrow? The idea, the word, can be an obstacle to seeing the sparrow. The word “American” can be an obstacle keeping me from really seeing the American in front of me. The word and idea “God” can be an obstacle to seeing “God”

Being alive means being yourself, being alive means being now, and being alive means being here. Look at yourself. To the degree that you can observe yourself, not just mentally, but as an impartial observer, you will put aside your mechanical and puppet existence and will come to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.” “Experience reality; come to your senses. That will bring you to the now. That will bring you to experience. It is in the now that God is found”