Waking Up…The Kingdom is at Hand

the supply

Why rush and why to search for material things? Is it because we were brainwashed into believing that we have to get a house, have an education, buy a car, etc? and then we will be happy? What if we learn from the beginning that the great I am, the Mind, the Love, the Life, the Truth…or whatever you want to call it, made us better than the best computer ever built, with all good things built-in? And that we need nothing else but to see, to acknowledge what we already are.

What if we understand that we were created to share love, joy, kindness, patience, understanding, tolerance, and all righteousness in the places and situations around us? Yes, everything will fall into place, no rush no pain. Like with the wind or the sun we would just see the leaves moving and plants growing.

If any doubt…What would a maker use to make his craft but whatever he knows or has? If I assume that it was an intention in Mind…idea and then…here we are spiritual beings, His reflections. His image and likeness to be active everywhere, to represent him in all ways. To express all that is good, all that we are. Thanks to God’s love His son was sent to discover and teach us that the kingdom is at hand, the kingdom is within, “in the midst”f” that is the spiritual principle behind all our relationships that work like the law of gravity, everywhere… every time…always, and for everyone.

What is the Truth (2)

I can of myself do nothing