God is to be Experienced

Nikola Tesla’ vision of the future of energy and his use of visualization to create all kind of gadgets and technologies, welcomed another age of imagination, creativity, and fast development. The future is in the understanding and use of energy, like Tesla, Einstein and many more have suggested. Recent studies have concluded that there is an influence of the researcher on the research, and particles behaving like waves, which opens a door to expect the “impossible”.

The universal intelligent loving force, surely the one Jesus referred to when he said “I can’t do nothing on my own” is there for everyone. And can you imagine one for each one of us? I don’t think so. Is it the unified field that the quantum physicist, John Hagelin, and others have talked about? One thing I know: There is only one! And it belongs in our identity! Is there an “American tree”? No. Men say so but it a peach tree has nothing to do with a country. May it be with the weather. Get to the facts. We must understand that there´s not one explanation for everything. Everyone has their own interpretation of facts and so many misunderstandings which is a cause of chaos, fights, war and all kinds of trouble.


After so many years of indoctrination, there is a need to recover own, worthiness and individuality. Making a new image of humankind filled up with achievements of those who set a goal and a purpose. Free from guilt or sin as they want us to believe. Free from attachments such as religion,  traditions or culture and embracing the facts or feelings which come from a direct experience of life.  An image based on what life is as spiritual one nowhere to be found and exists everywhere. No need for hallucinogens but for the feeling of excitement and ecstasy while contemplating nature.

mac you are.jpg

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